Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Everyday Life

Aminah and I are doing great.

The little everyday things we do together.
Wake up, feed of cereal; we go to the shops, play together, then we do some fresh vegetable purees, she sleeps an hour while I take care of the clothes and some other errands that need to be run.

In the evening my parents come home from work, more playing with Anna, more activities together - sometimes we go out; for a walk, to visit relatives, or we stay at home reading stories.

She sleeps, I stay up for some more hours reading a good book (I'm back to reading Jeffrey ARcher adventures, after a long time reading heavy literature by the likes of Ian McEwan and Zadie Smith) or watching television.

Yes, that's the time I most miss Ali - the Ali I married in the beginning who talked to me and joked with me, not the Ali he had became towards the end.


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